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6 Anniversary Ideas for Couples

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Anniversaries are the perfect time to celebrate your relationship, whether you’re celebrating a 2 year anniversary or you’ve been married for 15 years. One thing is for certain: an anniversary shouldn’t be any ordinary date! You should take the time on your anniversary to do something unique and special. The following are 6 anniversary ideas for couples that will definitely make your anniversary a day to remember.

Head to a bed and breakfast for the weekend

A bed and breakfast can be a great way to celebrate your marriage, romance and relationship with each other in a secluded, relatively private and cozy setting. Bed and breakfast weekends allow you to get away from the daily grind of your everyday life and focus on what’s most important: each other. To make your weekend even more special, opt to stay in a bed and breakfast located somewhere unique and quaint so you can spend your downtime exploring a small town, nature trails and other charming attractions.

Revisit the place you had your first date

One way you can liven up your anniversary is by visiting the place where you two experienced your first date! Revisiting the place where you had your first date can be a magical experience on your anniversary, especially if you haven’t been there in a while. You can make the date even more special by calling the venue ahead and letting them know that you’re celebrating an anniversary.

Go on a short road trip together

Anniversaries are all about spending time together, and going on a short road trip is the perfect way to maximize your time alone while also enjoying a fun vacation. For this idea, you and your spouse should make a list of attractions or places you want to see on your trip so that you both get to see something you like.

Pack a picnic and enjoy nature together

Enjoying the beauty of nature is a great way to spend your anniversary! A quiet, intimate picnic is the perfect way to spend time together on a day when you celebrate your love and your relationship. Make sure you pack a picnic, picnic mat or blanket, and head out somewhere with a beautiful natural setting (such as the park!) where you can enjoy an afternoon.

Plan a romantic “day-in” at home

You don’t have the leave the house on your anniversary! A “day-in” at home can be just as romantic as an evening out if you two take the time and effort to create a romantic atmosphere. Cooking a fantastic meal together, buying candles for mood lighting, taking a bath together with rose petals - the possibilities for your “day-in” date are truly endless.

Eat dinner at a fancy restaurant

If you and your spouse don’t ordinarily go out to fancy restaurants, then an anniversary is the perfect time to do so! Book reservations at a fancy restaurant - think multiple course, prices-probably-not-on-the-menu fancy - and get dressed up for a nice evening out.

Whether you’re celebrating 2 years, 10 years, 30 years or more, make sure your anniversary is one to remember.

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