Married Fun Intro Video

Married Fun Intro Video

Watch the quick video below to learn about Married Fun.

Have you been married for a while and noticed that things have become just a little too routine? Or maybe you just got married and want to know how to keep your marriage fun and exciting for all the years that come?

Did you know that studies show the initial excitement of marriage typically only lasts less than 2 years? After we get married the chase ends, we start to settle into a routine and we may take for granted what we were missing before we found that special someone.

  • The flame might feel more like a spark
  • Less sex and intimacy
  • Less flirting
  • Less interest in being together
  • Dating less often, if at all
  • Less interest in pleasing each other

Over time it's common for monotony to take the place of excitement. What once was a roaring flame might sometimes feel like just a spark. There’s noticeably less time for sex and intimacy. You stop flirting or putting effort into spending time together. Date night becomes a thing of the past, and you may have less interest in trying to please each other.

It doesn’t have to be that way. That's where Married Fun comes in! Married Fun wants to help you make your marriage more fulfilling and, well... fun! Married Fun has tons of tips and resources for you to put to use to improve your marriage.

Our marriage & family articles will help you learn new tips and tricks to improve your marriage.

The Married Fun Date Planner helps you plan dates more easily so you can get out more often and try new things together.

Our collection of bedroom games will help make your bedroom time more fun and exciting.

Spice things up in the bedroom with tons of sex positions to try out, all tastefully depicted.

The Married Fun Intimacy Tracker helps you keep intimacy a priority and lets you track your progress.

Married Fun is made for married couples. Our goal is to help you be happier in your marriage. Try it out right now and see what Married Fun can do for you and your marriage. Visit now.

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