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Looking for some tools to help improve your marriage? Married Fun has you covered. Marriage tools can be a great help to build and maintain a strong and happy marriage. Married Fun provides a variety of tools that you won't find anywhere else.

FREE Tools

Our Date Idea Generator is a quick way to find the perfect date idea. Just answer a small list of questions and our Date Idea Generator will analyze your answers, crunch some numbers and output several matching date ideas and activities for you to choose from.

Another cool marriage tool is our Date Idea Sorter. This tool is a way to see all our date ideas and to filter them on certain criteria, such as price, to get a list of ideas that match your mood or taste.

The Married Fun Dating Dashboard is a quick way to get to all our many marriage tools, content and features. Dating is important for married couples and our dashboard helps you prioritize what's most important.

Try the lite version of O Finder, a tool to help husband and wife improve their sex lives. Check it out, it's designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Married Fun also has a lite version of our Yes / No / Maybe List, a tool to help you improve your communication about your needs and wants in the bedroom.

Member-only Tools

Married Fun members have exclusive access to both the Married Fun Intimacy Tracker and Married Fun Date Planner. Using our intimacy tracker, couples can keep track of when intimate time has occurred to make sure you don't let life get in the way of your marriage relationship for too long.

Another great tool we provide is the Married Fun Intimacy Tracker. Keeping track of your intimate time is a great way to make sure that intimacy stays a priority in your relationship. Using our intimacy tracker, couples can keep track of when intimate time has occurred to make sure you don't let life get in the way of your relationship for too long.

Having trouble connecting? Our Intimacy Tracker also allows you to plan out some alone time in the future, helping you to make sure you're prioritizing what's important. Give our tracker a try and see what it can do for your relationship.

Our Date Planner is designed to help you find something fun for you to do together for date night. Frequent date nights are an excellent way to maintain the love, romance and friendship in your relationship. Check out the Date Planner to find your next great date idea!

Check out O Finder, a tool to help husband and wife improve their sex lives. O Finder offers tips and advice for both women and men to help improve intimacy within your relationship. Use O Finder to learn new ways to make sex more satisfying to both partners, regardless of how things are currently going in the bedroom. To learn more about how to make bad sex good and good sex even better, give O Finder a try today!

Improve your sexual communication by using Married Fun's Yes / No / Maybe List. We'll ask both you and your spouse which things you'd like to do or try in the bedroom, then you respond with a yes, no or maybe. We'll then tally all the answers and give you a list of your combined yes's and maybe's, along with additional tips and resources for each. Communicating your needs, wants and boundaries has never been easier!

Be sure to also check out our marriage and intimacy articles, as well as articles about dating your spouse.

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Intimacy Tracker

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