Product Update Feb 10, 2024 - Married Fun!

Product Update Feb 10, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day!  To make your day a little more fun we've added 2 new games for your enjoyment:


If you're familiar with the game of Plinko, we've got a fun couple's twist for you.  

Plinko-Kisso is a kissing game made for married couples.

The game is free for everyone, check it out here: Plinko-Kisso.

couples games


If Plinko-Kisso is too tame for you, you need to give Plink-Oh! a try.

Plink-Oh is a more advanced version of the free game with much bigger and better prizes, you won't be disappointed.

Playing games is a great way for couples to bring more fun and excitement into their bedroom routine and Married Fun has a bunch of really great games that do just that.

This game requires an advanced membership to play, check it out here: Plink-Oh!.

bedroom games for married couples

Bug Fixes

Various bugs were fixed throughout the application.

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