12 Days of Sexy Christmas. Sexy Challenges for Husband and ...
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The 12 Days of Sexy Christmas is a relationship challenge for married couples. It's designed to be both fun and to promote intimacy to improve your relationship. It's not going to be easy though, this will be a challenge that you both need to be up for.

Here are the rules. In order to complete the challenge successfully you must:

  • Complete 1 or more of the daily tasks
  • Complete 10 or more days
  • Have fun and grow closer

Note: You can start your 12 Days of Christmas challenge on the 13th and end on the 24th, or follow the more traditional interpretation of Christmas Day to the Epiphany (January 6). Or feel free to modify it for your own use (12 Days of Sexy Christmas in July anyone?)

Day 1 - Treats
Day 2 - Compliments
Day 3 - Service
Day 4 - Affection
Day 5 - Surprises
Day 6 - Poetry
Day 7 - Health
Day 8 - Gifts
Memory Lane
Day 9 - Memory Lane
Quality Time
Day 10 - Quality Time
Helping Out
Day 11 - Helping Out
Love Notes
Day 12 - Love Notes
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