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Don't Forget a Weekly Date

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When I was a child, I remember my little sister asking my parents why they always got to go out and "have all the fun" while we had to stay home with the babysitter and just go to bed. My wise parents explained to us that we should be happy they went on regular date nights because it made their marriage stronger. They told us that they best thing they could do for us was to love each other and have a strong and lasting marriage relationship. And after almost 40 years of marriage, they still continue to go on dates with each other and they still swear by this simple secret to a happy marriage.

Even though I was taught this important lesson at a very young age, I sometimes find myself forgetting to implement their advice in my own marriage. Life and its many demands can easily get in the way of dating your spouse, especially when children enter the picture. But no matter what life throws at you, it truly is important to prioritize a weekly date night of some ...

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