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Our families change incredibly fast. Children seem to grow into adults before you realized they were no longer babies. The only real way to stop time and enjoy a moment forever is by taking family portraits. Family portraits are capable of capturing precious moments and keeping them that way forever, even when your children are all grown up. You can't keep your children from growing up and regrettably you can't keep elderly parents from passing away, but a family portrait can stop the clock. Some people consider their family portraits to be heirlooms and plan to pass them down from generation to generation as they have been in the past. Imagine how precious your child was when they were just a few months old or even right before they started going to school, wouldn't you give anything to be able to reverse time and capture them the way they were then forever. Don't let another moment go by without capturing your family the way it is now, because this moment will soon be gone. Children grow into adults and have children of their own and so on.

Some Family Portrait Options

Two options you can explore if you decide to get a family portrait is by either having a professional photographer take a picture, or by having an artist paint a picture. Both have their pros and cons but both are capable of stopping time so to speak. A painted picture is an amazing but often expensive way of creating a memory. Often painted with oil paints, usually a painted family portrait is made from a photograph that you have had taken of your family. It is important though to make sure that you don't just pick an artist that is going to enlarge a photo and then paint over it with oil. This "portrait" won't hold up for very long and is basically a short cut that should be avoided. What you want to look for is artists that will hand paint use the photo simply as a model for the finished product. For optimum results and durability, your heirloom quality painting needs to be painted on canvas. A good artist may make changes from the original photograph like changing a pose or the way a person's hair looks. The changes are never drastic and only lead to a beautiful painting. Modern oil painting are more durable and do not fade with time.

Another option is to have a portrait taken by a professional photographer. With a photograph you get the benefit of modern technology. Digital photographs take amazingly clear pictures and can be airbrushed and touched up in any way necessary. While a photograph doesn't convey the same warmth that an oil painting does, a quality portrait can still be made. Another nice benefit with a photograph is the fact that you know how it will come out because you and your family actually posed for it and you don't have to worry about an artist taking any kind of liberties. Cost is another benefit of a photograph instead of a painting. Don't let these timeless moments pass you and your family by without saving them forever by having your family portrait taken.

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