Product Update Dec 30, 2023 - Product Updates - Married Fun!

Couples Questions

Just released - Married Fun's Couples Questions! We've put together over 1500 questions for married couples to help you have fun, engaging and fulfilling communication. Use these conversation starters on date nights or any other time you'd like to just spend a few minutes chatting together.

Good communication is the bedrock of good relationships. Sometimes couples who have been around each other for years start to run out of good conversation topics and good communication erodes into a simple "how was your day?" Our Couples Questions tool is great for helping spark fun and interesting conversations between the two of you.

We've put together a list of over 1500 questions, with access determined by your account or membership level:

  1. Free Account: 50 Questions
  2. Starter Membership: 300 Questions
  3. Advanced Membership: 800 Questions
  4. Premium Membership: 1500+ Questions

We've grouped each of the questions into 25 different categories.

couples questions

Select a category or choose All, then ask each other the questions and answer them together.  We've put together questions ranging from fun to serious, about every day life, how you met, hypothetical, philosophical, your relationship, intimacy and more.  Better conversations lead to better relationships.

couples questions

Give Couples Questions a try.

Bug Fixes

Various bugs were fixed throughout the application.

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