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Family Planning and Its Impact on Your Family's Future

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Family Planning is a method that couples may use to determine when they want to have children and how many children to have. By keeping track of changes in the menstrual cycle, a couple can make decisions on whether or not sexual intercourse will result in pregnancy. The chances of having a baby are greatest when sexual intercourse takes place just before and after ovulation. Keeping natural body changes in mind, doctors may advocate natural or artificial methods of birth control. Couples trying to conceive may also use these tracking methods in order to start their families. Here is some basic information about various aspects of family planning. 

Natural Family Planning Methods

One popular natural family planning method is the sympto-thermal method. When using this method, a woman takes her basal body temperature every morning when she first wakes up and before she gets out of bed. When there is an increase in temperature and the cervical mucus is sticky, that indicates the time period surrounding ovulation, and the chances of getting pregnant are higher during this time period. Periodic abstinence from sexual intercourse during this more fertile period is one method used to prevent pregnancy. Alternatively, knowing when this fertile period occurs may help couples who are ready to start a family or conceive additional children. The rhythm method, based solely on the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle calendar, may not be very ...

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