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Love is one of the cornerstones of a successful marriage - that goes without saying, of course. But sometimes it is not always easy knowing how to love your husband in a way that improves your marriage and helps your husband recognize that your love for him is as strong as it was on the day you first met. The following are 6 ways you can better love your husband for a stronger, happier marriage.

Keep your romance sparking with physical intimacy, date nights and dressing-up

Men typically show love through more physical actions, which is why one of the best ways to show love for your husband is by keeping that physical attraction spark alive. Engage in regular physical intimacy, go out on date nights, and make sure you take the time to dress up and look nice.

Encourage him to communicate his needs so you can better meet them

It can be hard for husbands to communicate their needs, especially if they aren’t used to sharing them. But when you encourage your husband to communicate his needs in your relationship, you will be better able to meet those needs in your relationship.

Thank him for being in your life

Sometimes, people just want to be thanked! You can show better love for your husband by thanking him for being in your life. Thank him for what he brings to your life - humor, stability, security, and whatever it is that makes you thankful he is your husband.

Show him you appreciate what he does through gestures he will enjoy

Everyone wants to be appreciated, including your husband. Showing appreciation is one of the best ways to show love. You can show him you appreciate him with gestures that he’ll enjoy. For instance, showing him that you appreciate him mowing the lawn by making sure he has an ice cold drink and snack ready when he’s finished; or making his favorite meal at the end of the work week when he’s at his most stressed.

Ask his opinion about different things

In order to feel loved, your husband needs to feel that you appreciate and want to know his opinion on different things. This can include opinions about problems you’re experiencing at work, down to opinions on what color curtains to buy for the house. Sure, sometimes he might not care all that much - we’re talking curtains, after all - but he will appreciate the fact that you wanted his input in the first place.

Talk about him to others

No, we don’t mean run out and gossip! Instead, talk about how you feel about your husband with others, such as friends, your family and even his family. Little comments about how much he does for you or how luck you feel to have married him will make their way back to his ear and into his heart.

If you want to better love your husband, consider the above 6 ways that will have him feeling more loved and appreciated.

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