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Foreplay can be an important part of sexual intimacy. It helps a couple warm up and get ready for the main event. Even though it is often overlooked, foreplay can be vital, especially at times for women as it generally takes longer for a woman's body to be ready for intercourse than a man's - although this isn't the case for every couple. It can also be a lot of fun and help a married couple to establish a connection and get on the same page, ensuring that both are aroused and ready.

Foreplay can take many different forms. Most foreplay involves deep kissing, caressing, fondling and touching. Often times clothes are removed slowly. Other fun foreplay could involve talking dirty, sexy dancing, massages, watching a romantic movie, role-playing, or fantasies. Right now let's talk about bedroom games, which is another really fun way to enjoy foreplay.

Bedroom games are a fantastic way to mix things up in the bedroom. Although you don't have to be married for any period of time before trying bedroom games, they can certainly put a halt to the routine if you've been doing the same things for a long time. No matter how you look at it games are fun, and it's important to keep your sex life alive and growing.

You can turn almost any board game into a sexy bedroom game if you use a little imagination and creativity. For example, twister could be played naked - or start off clothed and each time someone falls over they have to remove a piece of clothing. This is obviously going to be an interesting game to play without clothes.

Try playing pictionary with body paint (there is, also, edible body paint available) or some other skin-safe pen or marker, then draw anywhere on your lover's body. Play scrabble only using suggestive or sexy words. Play Go-Fish, only hide the cards in your clothes so that your husband or wife has to search you in order find the card they want. If you play a game with dice or numbers like Yahtzee you can assign a sensual task or body part to be kissed to each number.

Another fun game that ties role play into the mix is to get a big bag and find some fun props to place inside. These props could be anything you want, but costume ideas like a police badge, feather duster, or fireman's cap are some good places to start. Pull out a random prop and act out a role play fantasy based around it.  The key here is to have fun with it!

A really great game that puts all the focus back on foreplay is to set a timer - probably the one on your phone or alarm clock - and set it for however long you want, but probably about 15 or 20 minutes. You can't penetrate until the alarm sounds, and in the meantime you can do whatever else you want - tease, touch, kiss. This helps couples who have gotten into a routine missing foreplay, or those who don't usually take much time with foreplay. It forces you to slow down and get creative which can actually be a lot of fun.

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