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Deciding on a wedding gift can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you want to make sure that your gift is actually appreciated and not just tossed in a box and forgotten about. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a wedding gift, there are a lot of standard gift ideas that are just plain old boring. Cutlery sets? Yawn. Gift cards? Practical, but boring. Candles? Please, we’re going to fall asleep!

If you want to get the couple-to-be something that won’t have them reaching for an energy drink to stay awake, then take a look at the following wedding gift ideas that aren’t boring.

Snack and meal kits for busy and rainy days

Being married can keep you busy! If you’re close with the couple, consider purchasing some snack and meal kits for those days when they’re too busy or feeling too lazy to make their own meals. These kits can be dinner kits, lunch kits or simply snack kits filled with everything from cookies and cake pops to gourmet potato chips or anything else you know the couple will love. Just make sure that you purchase this type of kit with the expiration date in mind - you don’t want the couple to have to scramble to use their gift before it expires.

Honeymoon hampers for their upcoming honeymoon trip

If you want a wedding gift that won’t put them to sleep, plan on giving them something they can use for their honeymoon! Honeymoon hampers are a fancy way of describing gift baskets designed with the honeymoon in mind. They usually include things like chocolate, wine, relaxing music or even gift cards related to where the couple will be going on their honeymoon.  Throw in some lingerie and a sexy dice game to complete the package.

Time capsule to be opened on their first anniversary

This is a great wedding gift for couples that you’re close with, such as friends and family members. The time capsule should be something that they can open up on their first anniversary and enjoy. Items can include photos of the couple leading up to their wedding day, a souvenir related to their wedding, some candid photos or videos taken on their wedding day or anything else that you think will make them smile when they open it up a year later.

Personalized gifts with monograms, names and other personal touches

Personalized gifts will never go out of style! Personalized gifts are a great way to show the couple that you care by offering them something that you can’t just buy right off a shelf. Monograms, their names, or personalization details (such as a photo) go great with everything from tea towels to pillows to photo prints, so the sky is the limit here.

Offer to pay for something related to the wedding or a wedding service

And for a truly exceptional gift, why not offer to pay for something related to the wedding or offer up a wedding service as a gift? You could offer to put together a dessert tray or help pay for a photo booth - the sky is the limit.  If your funds are limited, get a group together to pay for it, they'll love the thoughtfulness of your gift so much more than yet another kitchen gadget to throw on the pile.

Remember, wedding gifts don’t have to be boring! Any one of the gifts on the above list is sure to be appreciated by the couple-to-be on their wedding day.

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