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Sex Starts in the Kitchen

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You may have heard the phrase "sex starts in the kitchen" before, and you may have wondered what exactly that means. Well, husbands, listen up! This important knowledge could just change how you view intimacy with your wife. Wives, you need to understand this too if you want to really meet your husband’s needs! Here’s the answer: having great sex isn't just about the period of time where you’re together in the bedroom with your clothes off. It’s about how you treat each other and connect with each other all day long… in the kitchen, in the living room, in the backyard, running errands, and anywhere else you might be.

In other words, feeling emotionally close to your spouse is an important part of sex. Sex is an emotional experience. The more connected you are with your partner emotionally, the more in tune you will be with their sexual needs, which leads to a better sexual experience together. So, how do you connect with your partner emotionally? There are many things you can do, but here are just a few basics.

1. Be friends with each other

It is important that a husband and wife have a relationship with each other that isn't just about shared parenting or household responsibilities. What are things you like to do together? Find common interests and share experiences together. Spend time together having fun and enjoying each other’s company both inside and outside your home. Go on ...

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