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Married life doesn’t have to be the misery business that a lot of media makes it out to be. Marriage is a partnership with your very best friend, after all. With that in mind, there are some very good ways that you can go about making your marriage more fun than it is right now. Keep these ideas in mind and you will be thrilled at the newfound excitement you get.

Keep the Bedroom Fun

The first way that you can make your marriage more fun is by keeping the bedroom active. You might have to get innovative after you’ve been together for a while, but if you can make your spouse look forward to your time together then you are bound to have more fun. Be sure to ask questions, learn about your partner’s desires, and be open to suggestions.

Set Boundaries with Your Life

Another way to make marriage more fun is by setting strict boundaries between your marriage and the rest of your life. Don’t let work creep into your home life just because you have a cell phone. Leave it off and spend time with your spouse. Don’t let your parents visit every week and don’t have sleepovers four times a month for the kids. It might feel like you’re saying “no” a lot, but you and your spouse will have more time to do things you want.

Celebrate Often

Another thing that you and your partner can do is celebrate often. Birthdays, anniversaries, and first date throwbacks - just for the fun of it. These are all great reasons to have some people over, go out on the town, or put the kids to bed early so that you can have some fun.

Set New Goals

One of the other ways to make sure that your marriage stays fun is by setting new goals with one another. These don’t have to be painstaking goals, they can be the number of times you are intimate in a month or how many hikes you go on throughout the day. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, so find them and take part.

Give One Another Gifts

Another way to bring more fun into your marriage is to give one another gifts. They don’t have to be big, but if you get her a new pair of running shoes and she gives you a new video game, you’re bound to be happier. Moreover, you will appreciate one another more for the effort.

All in all, marriage is meant to be fun, not an effort in patience and boredom. There are a lot of ways that you can keep you marriage fresh and fun. In particular, keep the bedroom fun and innovative, set boundaries with the rest of your life, celebrate every chance you get, set goals with each other, and make sure to give each other gifts. These are all ways to make your marriage more fun and exciting. When you add a personal twist to any of these ideas, you will always get a better result.

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