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Love is one of the cornerstones of a successful marriage - that is certainly a no-brainer. But sometimes it is not always easy knowing how to express love for your wife in a way that strengthens and improves your marriage. The following are 7 ways you can better love your wife for a stronger, happier marriage.

Keep the romance alive with romantic gestures, date nights and other spark-creating moments

Your wife wants to feel loved, and one of the best ways to show your love to her is by keeping your romance sparking and alive. Romantic gestures - such as surprise flowers or gifts - along with regular date nights, compliments to her appearance, spontaneous gestures and affection are the perfect way to keep the romance fresh.

Actively listen to your wife to show her you care

Your wife wants to know that you are actually listening to what she says, so one of the best ways to show your love for her is to step up your active listening skills. Actively listening to your life includes practicing active listening skills (such as repeating her words, asking follow up questions, etc.) along with performing actions that show you’ve listened to her in the past. For example, if she mentions that she likes a certain band, surprising her with tickets to that band shows her you’ve listened.

Engage in physical affection that isn’t sexual

Sex is necessary for a happy marriage, of course, but your wife also wants physical affection that doesn’t always lead to sex. Your wife will feel loved when you engage in affection for affection’s sake - such as hugs, cuddles, cheek kisses and similar intimate gestures.

Spend more quality time with her

One of the best ways to show your wife that you love her is through quality time. Quality time can include a quiet picnic in the park, enjoying a movie together in the evening, or even something more extravagant like spending an entire day together.

Thank her for being in your life

Your wife wants to know that you appreciate what she adds to your life, so make sure you show your love for her by thanking her for being in your life; you should also thank her for what she brings to your life, such as her warm personality, her caring nature, her wicked sense of humor and anything else you love about her.

Carry her photo around with you

Carrying your wife’s photo in your wallet is a simple gesture that goes miles in regards to showing your wife that you love her. You can also make her photo your lock or background screen on your phone, though a physical photo is more romantic.

Talk about her to other people

And no, we don’t mean joining in on a hen gossip session! Talking about your wife to other people, complimenting her, talking about how lucky you are to have her, etc., will get back to your wife - and let her know that you love her enough to share that love with others.

If you want to better love your wife, consider the above ways to help strengthen your romantic bond.

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