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How to Feel Like Newlyweds Again

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It’s been a few years since you’ve been married - maybe two, maybe five, maybe twenty. Time has passed and you simply don’t feel the same connection you did when you two were newlyweds. Maybe your romantic life has gotten a little boring. Maybe your sex life is a little dull. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit in this gray limbo: the following tips will help you and your spouse feel like true newlyweds again.

Start going out on dates

If you aren’t going out on proper dates, then now is the time to start! Newlyweds are all about doing things together as a couple, and you can help get that newlywed feeling back into your relationship by heading out on the town together. Dates can be a weekly occurrence - say, every Friday night - or you can make them more spontaneous for even more of that newlywed fun.

Surprise your spouse with gifts and gestures of appreciation

Remember when you were first married and you ...

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