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It’s been a few years since you’ve been married - maybe two, maybe five, maybe twenty. Time has passed and you simply don’t feel the same connection you did when you two were newlyweds. Maybe your romantic life has gotten a little boring. Maybe your sex life is a little dull. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit in this gray limbo: the following tips will help you and your spouse feel like true newlyweds again.

Start going out on dates

If you aren’t going out on proper dates, then now is the time to start! Newlyweds are all about doing things together as a couple, and you can help get that newlywed feeling back into your relationship by heading out on the town together. Dates can be a weekly occurrence - say, every Friday night - or you can make them more spontaneous for even more of that newlywed fun.

Surprise your spouse with gifts and gestures of appreciation

Remember when you were first married and you constantly got your wife flowers or surprised your husband with his favorite lunch for work? It’s time to start bringing surprises and gestures of appreciation back into play. Surprise your husband with a trip to his favorite restaurant or send a bouquet of your wife’s favorite flowers to her work during lunch hour. Little gestures like this will have both of you feeling as giddy as a newlywed.

Find something new to love about your spouse

Newlyweds have a certain gleam in their eye that only comes with finding out just how much they truly love their spouse. If you want to recapture this feeling, it’s time to take a look at your spouse and find something new to love about them - every week or even every day. For instance, maybe you’ve never noticed how they cutely tuck their hair behind their ear in the morning while they sip their coffee; or you realized that they always double check to make sure you’ve packed your work lunch before they leave for their car. Don’t let any little detail about your spouse escape your loving notice and you’ll find that newlywed feeling has really crept back in.

Try something new together at least once a week

It’s not enough to do something together as a couple - though it certainly helps; you also need to find something new to do together at least once a week. Marriage is about growing together, and growth happens most easily with new experiences. Trying something new doesn’t have to be going out on a date, though it can be; it can also include something as simple as cooking a meal together for the first time or building your bedroom cabinet together or watching a new movie snuggled on the couch. New experiences are a great way to recapture that newlywed feeling, where everything you did with your new husband or wife was an adventure.

If your marriage is feeling old, don’t worry: the ideas mentioned above will help you get that newlywed feeling back in your life again.

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