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We all love our families and are doing everything we can to make them happy and comfortable. However, we often forget to give our family the attention they need when we're distracted with so many other things in our lives.  We all desire for our families to have fun together and to have a happy life.  Let's talk about the need for family fun.

Build self-esteem in your kids

Children who get the chance to spend lots of time with their parents and siblings in family activities often possess a positive sense of self-worth. When kids feel that they’re valued by parents, they feel more positive about themselves. For this reason you’ll want to take the time and go for a bike ride or play basketball as a family. You’ll definitely bring the family together and enjoy the company.

Family fun strengthens family bonds

When a family shares day-to-day activities together often as well as enjoys other more extravagant family activities like a family vacation now and then, they form strong, emotional ties among themselves.  These connections have many benefits, such as helping them solve and handle tough situations as a family. You’ll even find some of them sharing hobbies, sports, books, movies; just to mention a few. The family bond in such families is unbreakable!

Family fun constitutes positive behaviors

When children spend adequate time with their parents, there are fewer incidences of drug abuse. Studies show that children with weaker family bonds are more easily lured into drug abuse in trying the fill the gap. Kids who are able to have more fun at home will have less time to think about and experiment with a lot of the bad things that are available outside the home.

Spending time with family creates happy memories

Most adults remember their childhood with fondness, able to look back on memories of the fun things they did together as a family. Often it's the big events like vacations or family traditions that are so memorable.  For this reason it's important to spend the effort (and sometimes money) in creating these experiences and memories for your children.  When you take the time to have fun as a family, you’ll create a loving environment for your children which they’ll want to pass on to their own kids when they grow up. Learning to spend time together as a family is a lesson the children take and develop on to become competent adults and parents.

Reduce work and responsibility stress

Perhaps you’re feeling stressed by work and other responsibilities. This is normal and there's a great cure sitting right under your nose.  Take a break from your stress by spending time with your family. Some good old fashioned family fun is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. It’s an effective way to relax and lessen the negative health impacts of all that stress.

The next time you’re home with the kids, propose an idea for the next family adventure! Talk about taking a family vacation, going hiking or even playing some sport or game together. Spending time together is the first step in having more family fun.

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