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Financial Planning Laid Out with a Budget Worksheet

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A budget worksheet is a tactical method for planning a budget that relies upon formulas and outlines. A budget worksheet will vary depending on its purpose. However, no matter what the purpose of the budget is, the worksheet should include itemized lists of income and expenses so that every penny is accounted for. This way, it’s easier to find how expenses can be minimized and whether or not there is any money being wasted or left sitting that could be used for savings or other purposes.

A typical budget worksheet for a family may include items such as income, income taxes and expenses. From there, get more specific. Depending on what each individuals’ expenses are, the budget worksheet should include everything bought in or spent broken down by month.


On a budget worksheet, the ‘income’ category should include everything that is financially gained during the month or year such as miscellaneous (garage sales etc.), ...

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