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Money problems are one of the most common problems people experience in a marriage - and your finances can not only harm your marriage but actually put your marriage and relationship in danger. If you want to know how to spot and avoid money problems that can ruin your marriage, take a look at the following common types of money problems that couples experience in order to learn how they strain a marriage.

Different Types of Financial Trouble in a Marriage

There are multiple types of financial trouble that married couples might experience. They include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Financial problems due to poor budgeting or living beyond your means: This occurs due to poor (or a lack of) budgeting as well as living beyond your means, which can cause married couples to get behind on bills and payments

  • Trouble due to debt incurred during the marriage: This includes credit card debt, loans, mortgage and other debts taken on during the course of the marriage

  • Trouble due to debts from prior to the marriage: This can include debt incurred before the marriage or relationship, such as college loans, previous credit card debt, and so on - even the wedding itself!

  • Financial strain caused by credit card overload: This occurs when a couple can no longer pay down their credit cards or has otherwise become overwhelmed by the number of cards (and bills) they need to pay down every month

  • Financial problems due to overspending: This can occur when one or both married partners overspends over the course of the month or year, which can cause issues such as getting behind on bills, not having enough for savings, etc.

  • Trouble with gambling, secret spending or similar issues: This occurs when one or both married partners have a problem that causes them to engage in secret or otherwise significant spending, such as gambling

While there are other ways that married couples can experience financial trouble, the above are the most common - and the most likely to cause married troubles.

Why Poor Finances Puts Stress on a Marriage

Poor finances put stress on your marriage for many reasons, particularly depending on the type of financial trouble you are experiencing. For example, if you are having money problems due to a gambling problem or taking out credit cards without your spouse’s approval, then naturally this type of deceitful spending is bound to cause marital strife.

However, even ordinary financial problems due to poor budgeting, being overwhelmed with credit cards or loans or simply struggling to make ends meet can cause problems in your marriage. Financial problems put your entire world at risk: you risk losing your marital home, your car, and your assets. All of this risk creates immense stress that will naturally impact your marriage.

If you want to avoid the issues that money problems bring to a marriage, you need to get on the right track to improving your finances. If you are having trouble deciding on the first step, seeing a financial counselor may help.

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