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Marriage is meant to last a life time - but in today's society divorce is all-too-common for many couples who are unprepared for handling the hardships they face during their marriage. The following is a closer look at 10 top reasons why couples divorce and how you can avoid them.


You can help reduce the chances for infidelity by ensuring that your marriage has healthy communication, plenty of sexual and non-sexual intimacy, and that both you and your spouse are having your physical, emotional and social needs fulfilled.


Financial problems, disagreements over money or even disagreements over how to combine finances can all lead to divorce. You can avoid these problems by sitting down with your spouse and having open, honest discussions about your views regarding finances - and come up with a game plan to tackle financial troubles once and for all.

Lack of communication

A lack of communication can cause all sorts of problems in your marriage. To avoid this issue, you need to work on your communication skills and find out how your partner prefers to communicate so that you two can compromise somewhere in the middle.

Too much conflict or arguing

Arguments and conflicts can build up lots of resentment and hurt feelings, so it’s no wonder this often leads to divorce. In order to avoid this problem, you have to reduce conflict and arguments in your marriage by encouraging healthy discussion or working with a marriage therapist for conflict resolution.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is important in a marriage. To avoid divorce caused by a lack of intimacy, you and your spouse need to make sure that both of your intimacy needs are being met, so make sure that you are regularly engaging in intimacy (sexual and otherwise) with your spouse.


Divorce can also occur in cases of abuse. It’s important to know the warning signs of abuse and heed them if you feel your marriage is abusive.

Growing apart

Couples who grow apart may feel inclined to divorce. To keep your relationship strong, make sure you don’t take your spouse for granted; take them on dates, surprise them with gifts, keep up signs of affection, and do everything you can to remain their best friend and loving partner.

Domestic violence

In cases of domestic violence, divorce may be considered. As with abuse, it’s important to know the signs of domestic violence and act accordingly.

Substance abuse

If you or your partner has problems with substance abuse, it can create plenty of conflict and problems in your marriage. To avoid this problem, you or your partner need to seek professional treatment for your substance abuse in order to recover.

Lack of commitment

Marriage is a commitment. If you or your spouse is not properly committed, then divorce may be on the horizon. You need to reaffirm your commitment to marriage if you want to avoid divorce.

Remember - marriage is hard work.  To stay safely away from divorce you need to stay safely away from the things that often contribute to divorce.  Make a conscience effort every day to steer clear of these problem spots and to express and show your love and appreciation for your spouse.  If you feel you need professional help, seek it out.  We hope these tips will help you maintain a strong and healthy marriage.

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