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Do you genuinely understand your husband’s sexual needs? It is easy - and common - to become complacent in relation to the sexual aspect of your marriage. However, if you want your relationship to be strong and healthy for years, then you need to take a closer look at whether or not you understand - and fulfill - your husband’s sexual needs. The following guide will help you better understand your husband’s sexual needs.

Understanding Your Husband’s Sexual Needs

In order to actually fulfill your husband’s sexual needs, you need to properly understand them first. One of the keys to understanding your husband’s sexual needs is to first know that women's and men’s sexual needs are similar - but also different. Men and women have both physical and emotional sexual needs and, as a wife, you need to meet both of these needs for your husband to be sexually fulfilled.

Physical Sexual Needs

First, let’s talk about your husband’s physical sexual needs. While both men and women have physical sexual needs, the expression of those physical needs can differ. As a wife, you need to understand what your husband’s sexual needs are so that you can meet them.

Your husband’s physical sexual needs include fulfilling sex with orgasms, which will typically include penetrative sex as well as a build-up involving foreplay and both physical and emotional attention.

However, your husband’s physical sexual needs do not begin and end with penetrative sex. While most men are capable of achieving satisfying sex using penetrative sex (compared to women, who often need other means to achieve satisfaction) it is certain that your husband has other physical desires that he would like met. You need to communicate with your husband about his personal physical needs in order to help meet them.

Emotional Sexual Needs

You must also consider your husband’s emotional sexual needs. Emotional sexual needs are often ignored when it comes to talking about sex, but they exist - and they are important. Men’s emotional needs are just as important as women’s, and as a wife you need to allow your husband to open up to you on an emotional level so that you can satisfy this important emotional connection created between the two of you.

Your husband’s emotional sexual needs can include expressions of love during sex, expressions of positivity and praise during sex, as well as aftercare in the form of cuddling and talking once sex is finished. Men are just as physically vulnerable during sex as women, and your husband’s emotional needs with regards to sex reflect that fact. It may take time for your husband to feel secure enough to open up about his emotional needs, but doing so will help both of you maintain a healthier sex life in the long run.

Final Thoughts

The ability to understand and meet your husband’s sexual needs is essential if you want your marriage to be happy, healthy and last for years to come. The above guide should help you better understand and therefore better fulfill your husband’s physical and emotional sexual needs.

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