Product Update Nov 2, 2021 - Product Updates - Married Fun!

Account Linking

We are happy to introduce account linking! With this update you can both have your own account and link them together. This allows you to share certain aspects of your account as well as tailor it to each of you individually. Prior to the update both husband and wife would have to share a single account to both have access. Creating a second account is free and if you have a paid membership both accounts enjoy the same access.

Account linking helps pave the way for some cool new dual-account features that are in the works, so stay tuned for what's coming.

New Usernames

In order to help you maintain your privacy we have created a new username format.  All usernames follow the format of adjective_animal, followed by a number, when needed.  You can update your username at any time by visiting the account page.

Improved Ratings

Our ratings system just got a makeover. Now that accounts are separated you can each add your own ratings as well as see community ratings grouped by men and women separately. You can also now rate most types of content on the site including articles, games, positions, quotes and date ideas.

Bug Fixes

Various bugs were fixed throughout the application.

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