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Who Should Be in Charge of the Romance Department?

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One of the most common subjects to come up in a marriage is the idea of romance and gender roles. Who should take the lead, so to speak, when it comes to romance? The husband - or the wife? Let’s take a closer look at how gender roles relate to romance and whether or not the husband or the wife should be the one taking the first steps when it comes to the romance department.

Gender Roles and Romance

First, it’s important to consider where gender roles and romance come from - and how they have (and haven’t) changed over the years. Traditionally, men were expected to take the lead when it came to romance. This meant that men were the ones who asked women on dates, men were the ones who arranged for dinners and theater tickets, and men were the ones who proposed marriage first. Naturally, then, the traditional role for men in romance after marriage remained largely the same: he was in charge, so to speak, when it came to married romance.

Today, however, gender roles are often less strictly defined. While it is still traditional and not uncommon for men to take the lead during courtship, it is becoming more common for women to take on some of the responsibility in the romance department.  This greater equality in romantic responsibilities naturally extends throughout marriage as well.

Who Should Be “In Charge?”

Now that it’s understood that gender roles and romance are no ...

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