How to Be the Woman of His Dreams - Roles & Responsibilities
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If you want your relationship to be loving and long-lasting, then you need to know how to fulfill that often-talked-about-but-rarely-explained role of "woman of his dreams." If you want to know how to be the woman of your husband’s dreams, take a look at the following ways you can turn yourself into the woman he’s always dreamed about.

Don’t bottle up your feelings until they boil over

Men want a woman who is willing to share her thoughts and feelings rather than bottling them up until they reach a boiling point. It is not uncommon, as a woman, to feel that you need to keep your feelings inside due to not wanting confrontation; but your husband would prefer more open and honest communication that doesn’t leave him blindsided when he finds out you’re actually upset about something that happened a week before. To be the woman of his dreams, learn how to express yourself in the moment rather than keeping it inside.

Show him that you listen with simple gestures

The woman of his dreams is someone that shows him that she listens through simple, small gestures. You don’t need any grandiose gestures or schemes to show your husband that you listen; instead, opt for something small. For example, if your husband has ever mentioned wanting to see a specific movie or go to a specific restaurant, surprise him with tickets or dinner reservations. Or if he is watching a sports game he’s been waiting all week to see, surprise him by putting together a snack tray so he doesn’t have to miss a moment of the game.

Ask for his advice and opinions

Men want to know that the women in their lives value their opinions and advice, so one of the best things you can do in order to become the woman of his dreams is to ask for his advice and listen to his opinions. You don’t always have to take his advice, of course, but something as simple as asking what he thought about a work situation or what he thought of a movie can go a long way towards showing him that you respect his personal thoughts and experiences.

Surprise him with something sexy - no matter how many years you’ve been together

A healthy sex life is vital in a marriage, especially for men who tend to express affection through more physically intimate means. To be the woman of his dreams, you should consider surprising him now and then with something sexy, sensual and fun - especially if you’ve been together for years! A sexy surprise such as new lingerie, a candle-light bath or a romantic home-cooked meal before an evening in the bedroom are all great ways to keep the romance alive and have your husband seeing (figuratively, at least) stars.

Remember, if you want to be the woman of his dreams, you need to show him that you appreciate him, love him - and aren’t afraid to keep that romantic spark going.

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