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Marriage is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement in your marriage. In fact, there are many things that you may be doing as a wife which are impacting your marriage in a negative way. If you want to improve your marriage, take a look at the following 3 things you should stop doing that will help your marriage change for the better.

Stop assuming your husband can read your mind when you’re upset

It’s important not to bottle up your feelings when you are upset, annoyed or angry about something; whether you are upset with your husband or a different situation. It is all too easy to let yourself push down your feelings, but this will result in them growing and growing until they boil over. If you want your marriage to be stronger, you need to communicate your feelings with your husband when you are feeling negatively about something. Once you are willing to share those feelings, you can work together on resolving the situation.

Stop holding onto old problems

It’s understandable that it can take some time to get over an upsetting situation or any situation that created negative feelings for you in the past. But when you hold onto old problems in your marriage, you are going to build resentment that is difficult to get over - and which can impact your marriage negatively. For a better marriage, learn how to let go of old, resolved problems and move forward with your husband. Your relationship will be much stronger for it, and you will find that both you and your husband will be able to communicate more effectively when neither of you are walking on eggshells due to the fear of grudges and leftover resentment rearing their ugly heads.

Stop micromanaging tasks for your husband

We get it - it’s tempting to play the micromanager who oversees everything in the home, down to how the laundry is folded. But if you want your marriage to improve, you need to learn how to stop being a micromanager who oversees every task that your husband does; when you do this, it will inevitably lead to resentments and arguments, as your husband will feel pressured and annoyed to do things the "right" way if you constantly come in to correct or micro-manage tasks. For instance, if the dishes need to be done, let your husband do them without you hovering to remind him how to scrub this, how to rinse that, where to put that dish, etc. Letting your husband manage himself will make it more likely that he’ll take up these tasks without nudging - and it will improve your relationship, rapport and communication skills in the long run.

There is always room for improvement in a marriage, so if you are a wife looking for simple yet highly effective ways to improve your marriage for the better, consider the above things to stop doing that will help improve your marriage.

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