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Don't Let Weight Gain Put a Strain On Your Marriage

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Weight gain - whether it is your own or your spouse’s - is unfortunately one of the most common contributors to divorce. Weight gain can cause a variety of problems in your marriage, ranging from a change in physical attraction to other issues. The following information will help you understand how weight gain can put a strain on your marriage and what you should do in order to make sure that a weight gain problem doesn’t put added stress on your relationship.

How Weight Gain Can Impact Your Marriage

Weight gain can impact your marriage in a number of different ways. One of the most notable ways that weight can impact your marriage is by reducing the physical attraction between you and your spouse, which can make it difficult for you to feel interested in romantic intimacy and sex. Weight can also impact your health, which can lead you to feel stressed and worried about your or your spouse's future.

When either or both of you are overweight, it can make your sex lives more difficult for a variety of reasons.  Being out of shape can cause problems with sexual stamina.  You might find yourselves making more excuses to avoid sexual contact, such as your being too tired or you might find yourselves more limited in the types of positions or ways to be intimate.  Or one or both of you want to avoid sex because you are overly self conscious about your body and don't think you're sexy enough for your ...

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