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Holidays are a wonderful time to give gifts. In general, there is a certain theme to the gifts that you give on holidays, as each holiday is intended to celebrate a different occasion or event. Here are some basic ideas for holiday gifts, but keep in mind that regardless of the holiday, holiday presents should always be personal and given out of a spirit of love and affection. These holiday gifts are intended for the most popular gift-giving holidays, as outlined below:

Christmas and Hanukkah

Christmas and Hanukkah are popular religious holidays that fall in the month of December. The holiday gifts for these holidays tend to be abundant and personal. While Christmas has always been a gift-giving holiday in which Christians honor the generosity of the neighbor and the birth of Jesus, Hanukkah is a modern version of the holiday so that Jewish children will also receive gifts when the Christian children do. Therefore, many people believe that the gift giving for these winter holidays is intended to be purely an event to honor the children. Purchase fun items as well as useful items that people will enjoy year-round.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the holiday of love. Couples will spend the day together sharing a nice meal and usually a very thoughtful and personal gift. Flowers, chocolates and other candies are usually exchanged, as well as jewelry and other small trinkets of love that will last through the years. Make your Valentine's Day holiday gifts keepsakes and be sure that they are somehow personalized in order to show your love and thoughtfulness for your partner.


Easter is a secular Christian holiday that celebrates the ascendancy of Christ to the throne. While it is a religious holiday, it is also a holiday that is popular for children, as children generally collect holiday gifts of candy and springtime items. Many Christian families will set aside gifts for children in Easter baskets and Easter eggs, which the children will have to find when they wake up in the morning. The tale is told that the Easter bunny left behind these items.

Holiday gifts are fun ways to celebrate tradition and to add a sense of occasion to any event. While holiday gifts are often personal and following a particular holidays' theme, they do not always have to be. Make sure that when you purchase your holiday gifts for close friends and family, they are thoughtful and show your loved ones just how much you care. After all, when a gift is involved, it might as well be the best gift you can find.

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