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There are many reasons why most people seek out the married life. Marriage is good for individuals, families and society in general. For these reasons both government and religion support marriage. Virtually all major religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism teach us the importance of marriage. Besides just the religious point of view, marriage is something unique and beautiful. Just think about it, you get to wake up next to the person you love every single day. It doesn't get much better than this.

Just thinking about the first time one got married makes them feel happy. Although are pessimistic people out there, even your parents or friends who always complain of their married life, this does not have to be true for you.

Two is better than One

Remember how it used to be when you were single, you had to spend much of your time alone? Spending time with your spouse increases the bond between you.

We live in a day and age where all one wants is instant gratification and that is truly harmful as it makes us selfish but when we continue living the married life, things only get better. You get to experience all the joys that life has to offer.

Joy of Parenting

Most men and women want to become mothers or fathers. It is one of the most basic biological needs that one has and it important to satisfy this basic need for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Babies are so cute and being a parent to your own child is one of the best things in the world. It makes you forget all your worries and focus on something as innocent as your child. When mom and dad co-parent their child, it allows for the love between the individuals to grow exponentially. Coming back home from work and seeing your child smiling at you with their playful eyes can make everything in life worthwhile.

Being in Love

Being married to the love of your life or your best friend can feel like the ultimate lottery, except with good chances of actually winning! To continue to show your love for each other, head out for a candlelight dinner with your spouse or watch a movie together, the options for enjoying each other's company are endless and that is why marriage can truly make your life on earth just like heaven as mentioned in many religions like Islam and Christianity. When you are married, you get to live the love life you have always wanted without anyone saying anything.


When you are married to your husband or wife, the two of you experience a new type of friendship which is more empathetic about the other and all-embracing. Living the married life fully will bring so many benefits to your life.

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