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What is Family Night?

Family night is a unique concept that is a great way for the entire family to spend time together working on a special activity. For example, your night as a family may involve playing a game, assembling a puzzle, finishing a craft project, watching a movie, competing in a sporting event, or any other way of enjoying all the members of your family. Especially in this fast paced world in which we live, some aspects of life in the simpler times is quickly disappearing. Instead of allowing your family to drift apart, institute a special time that you can spend together.

Family Game Night

One popular idea for any family night is game night. Each week, allow a different member of your family to choose the game that you will play. This is a great way to involve all of your family members while still having a great deal of fun. These games can range from board games to card games to dice games to old fashioned party games—the options are endless! Family game night is also a great way to save money in your budget without having to sacrifice enjoyment. Instead of spending a small fortune taking the entire family to see a movie, have a night of fun and excitement where everyone can participate. The games are not usually expensive and can be snapped up at your local thrift store or in a garage sale for next to nothing. The library is filled with fun games that require nothing more than a deck of cards or a pair of dice. Still other games, including charades, require nothing more than your imagination!

Turn Family Night Into Family Day

Instead of having one night a week dedicated to your family, consider devoting an entire day to family fun. Spend at least one day of your weekend with the entire family and participate in some kind of activity. This may be difficult, especially with children who are active in sports or other activities. Instead, carefully plan out all of your events and remember to plan time for yourself as a complete family unit. Consider doing activities like camping, fishing, hiking, or biking as ways to spend lazy weekend afternoons. During the summer time when kids have so much time on their hands they are usually bored, create fun activities that will take the whole day so that you will no longer hear complaints.

When you establish family night in your home, you may likely be surprised at the reaction. Your entire family will soon begin looking forward to their special night each week and will likely begin planning the activities and events the previous week. Whether you have young children or teenagers, the old fashioned family fun will not be lost on your children. Also, your spouse is sure to enjoy the time together with the family, as the activities will likely allow you to become closer as a unit and learn more about the lives of each other.

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