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So, you’ve just gotten married and you’re wondering to yourself, “What’s next?” Well, I’ve got good news for you! Follow a few simple tips and you’ll have a happy and healthy marriage that’ll be as fresh 20 years from now as it was the moment you said, “I do”.

  1. Celebrate every win as a couple, no matter how big or small! In a loving marriage, one person’s success is the success of both people. Take joy and revel in the moments your partner succeeds, whether it’s a big win like a promotion at work or even something as small as finding a parking spot.

  2. The smallest things will become the biggest things. Don’t let little things build up into big problems - frequent and open communication helps keep resentment at bay and nips future problems in the bud.

  3. Find balance. There’s give and take in every relationship, and marriage is no different. You learn how to make it work, because this is the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Your path forward is something you chart together, and finding a balance to that is half the fun of marriage.

  4. Your newly spouse is who they are, not who you want them to be. You married the wonderfully imperfect person that you did, so accepting them for who they are is the best way for the two of you to build a strong marriage (and to be accepted for who you are).

  5. You are each other’s number one fans. A wife has no bigger source of inspiration than her husband, and a husband his wife. Inspire each other to be better daily, and you’ll grow together faster than you did apart.

  6. Pick your battles. You have a long road ahead of you, so choose wisely! I know certain things may seem like a big deal, but nobody’s perfect. Decide what you can live with, and what you need to speak up about.

  7. Create your own traditions. Part of the wonderful joy that is a new marriage is the ability to create new and fun traditions that you can repeat every year. Rewrite your vows on your anniversary or create a newlywed scrapbook. Do anything that’s just for the two of you and shows your love for each other.

  8. Focus on being better, not being right. Have the mindset of listening and trying to improve. It doesn’t matter who’s right, it matters that both people feel closer after the disagreement is over.

  9. Invest for the long term. Make smart financial decisions now, because you’re building a life together. The better you plan, the happier you’ll be when retirement comes around.

  10. A good marriage is like good wine; it only gets better with age. The more years you spend together, the more you learn about the other person and the deeper your love grows. So just know that while marriage has its peaks and its valleys, it really only goes up from here.

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