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Romance Ideas for Men

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What would you say if you were asked to write one hundred things you love about your wife? When ten happily married men were asked to do so, they had more than a hundred things to write and when asked why, one of them said, “I take everything I love about my wife and multiply by ten. She even supports my baseball team even though they lose.” It is dismissive to say that men are simple creatures, because they are actually unbelievably complex, mysterious, and have unique ways of showing their romantic side.

It is often thought that men pack up the romance as soon as a woman commits to them and they feel that they no longer need to serve it out as they did during courtship. This shouldn’t be the case. In fact, withholding the candles, flowers, and chocolate can make a woman feel cheated and deprived of romance, which creates unnecessary strife within a marriage.

A good husband should never let his wife forget how much he loves her and will do all he can to support her, inspire her, and make her feel beautiful. He will also work to gain her trust and make her feel safe. He knows that there are lines that cannot be crossed and he knows that it is the small things that count, such as the following romantic ideas:

  • Women are emotional beings with the need to stay emotionally connected. Your wife needs to hear you say that you love her and back it up with your actions. Give her a good morning kiss before you get ...

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