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Why You Should Prioritize Your Anniversary

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Keeping and maintaining the love and romance alive in a marriage is important. Sure, things change after marriage. What with new responsibilities such as work and kids taking up most of our time. Yet, neglect and complacency are two of the worst enemies for a happy marriage. Those two issues can often drive a marriage to the rocks. Showing your spouse that you love him or her doesn't have to be complicated. It truly is the little things that matter.

Small random acts such as a kiss, a hug or even a surprise gift can show your spouse you care. Your spouse will realize that he or she is a priority in your life. Moreover, that you value your marriage.

That said, what are the areas of marriage that we tend to neglect or be complacent about? Some often neglected areas are valentines day, birthdays and even anniversaries. We often recognize these events, but put very little into them leaving their celebrations lackluster.  Anniversaries should be a ...

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