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My Wife Wants Sex More Often Than I Do

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It’s a problem that many relationships face at one time or another: your wife wants more sex and you don’t. But what do you do when you and your wife’s libidos don’t match up? You work on the problem, of course! If you want your marriage to remain strong, then the problem needs to be addressed so that it doesn’t lead to a dead bedroom. The following guide will help you learn what to do when you and your wife have mismatched libidos.

What To Do When Your Wife Wants More Sex Than You Do

There are three primary steps you should follow when your wife wants more sex in your relationship than you do. These steps will help you understand why you and your wife have different libidos and what can be done to improve the problem.

1. Determine the reason why your libidos don’t match

The first thing you need to do is find out why your libidos aren’t in sync. Is it that your wife wants sex every day - or even more than once a day? Or is it that your libido is low to the point of only wanting sex twice a month?

Once you have determined this aspect, then you can move on to considering the deeper reasons behind your libido differences. For instance, if you only want sex once a week or less - why? Is it due to physical pain or discomfort when having sex? Are you not up for sex because you’re stressed from work or tired from parenting during the week? Are you worried about performance ...

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