How to Be the Man of Her Dreams - Roles & Responsibilities
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One of the cornerstones of a good relationship is knowing how to be the man of your wife’s dreams; knowing how to embody the type of man that your wife wants to be with is one of the best ways to ensure a loving, long-lasting and strong relationship. The following are the best ways to improve yourself and turn into the man of her dreams.

Improve your active listening skills

Active listening is one of the most important personality traits that women look for in men. Active listening involves more than simply hearing what your wife says; you need to routinely acknowledge what she says, repeat her words, and when necessary use your actions to show that you’ve actively listened to her.

Be an equal “manager” in your relationship

It is far too often for women to turn into the de-facto manager of the relationship; wives are more likely to be the ones who write down appointment dates, remember birthdays, make sure that laundry is washed when it needs to be, and so on. To be the man of her dreams, you need to be an equal manager in the relationship - don’t let your wife take on the role solo!

Surprise her by knowing what she wants (within reason)

The man of her dreams is someone that remembers what she likes and wants without needing to be prompted. If you surprise her by knowing what she wants (within reason, of course - you’re not a mind reader!) you will definitely earn a special place in her heart. Did we mention you probably need to improve your listening skills?  For example, use those listening skills to pick up clues for what to get her for a birthday gift. When you show up with a present directly reflected by what she’s expressed interest in getting, she will definitely feel a flutter in her heart.

Encourage open communication

Communication is absolutely essential in any relationship, and it’s something that women prize when they are looking for the man of their dreams. You will need to learn how to openly communicate with your wife, whether you’re communicating about day-to-day errands, your own interests and feelings, or even problems in the relationship. Women want a man who doesn’t bottle everything up, particularly when it comes to expressing feelings and interests.

Cuddle, cuddle, and cuddle!

This may seem surprisingly simple - and in many ways, it is! - but the man of her dreams is someone who loves to express physical intimacy in a soft and romantic way. Cuddles are a great way to express love and affection for your wife in a way that makes her feel loved, warm and secure. If you want to be the man of her dreams, start incorporating cuddles into your daily routine; such as cuddling in bed at night, cuddling while you watch a movie, or even while you two read a book.

Remember, if you want to be the man of her dreams, you’ll need to anticipate her needs so that she feels cherished, wanted - and loved.

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