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Intimacy is one of the core foundations of any good marriage. Whether it’s sex, kissing, or even just cuddling on the couch, physical touch and affection are some of the most beautiful ways that a married couple shows their love for each other. But let’s be honest - sometimes the timing can be off. Life gets in the way and work leaves you tired after a long day. Still, there’s always a way to find time for a little bit of intimacy every day to ensure a strong and happy marriage.

Schedule sex

I know, it sounds about as unromantic as possible. But making sure that you have time set aside to make love is an incredibly useful tool. Far from being rote and routine, it actually makes it something you look forward to. Knowing that you’ve got a night to have sex ahead of you can motivate you during the day. Try talking it up with your spouse! Flirty texts and teasing during the day can build it up in a way that’s romantic and sexy.

Pepper your day with little bits of affection

Reaffirm your love in little ways through the day. Let your husband know that you’re thinking about him with a peck on the cheek. Show your wife you care by giving her a spontaneous back rub at the end of a long day. Even just holding hands on the couch during a movie is a great way to feel close. Making a habit of touching your spouse will keep you connected in a way unlike any other.

Be present

Lose yourself in the moment of kissing your wife. Close your eyes and really hug her closely. If you do everything with purpose, you start to really appreciate every single one of your senses. Notice the feel of her skin and the smell of her hair. Hear the way her laugh sounds, and savor the taste of her lips. These little intoxicating parts of her are some of life’s greatest joys, so soak them in as much as possible!


Sex and intimacy are strong indicators of a healthy marriage. There’s only so much time in the day, I know, but if you make time to connect physically with your spouse you’ll save time in the long run. Decide what can be left for another day in order to make time today. The more you have sex, the closer you’ll be. A united team can conquer so much more than a disconnected one!

Don't be afraid to spend

Hire that babysitter for the night so you can have time for yourselves. Do something special and rent a hotel for you and your wife for the night. Be wild and take a vacation somewhere beautiful and romantic. It's worth shelling out the extra buck to make time to be intimate. After all, the happiest couples know that you can't put a price tag on a good marriage!

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