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An affair is something that no one wants to experience in their marriage - and there are actually some ways that you can ensure that your marriage doesn’t fall into the traps and pitfalls that can lead to affairs. If you want to have an affair-proof marriage, consider the following essential guide that will help keep your marriage loyal and strong.

Continue to ‘date’ each other even after you’re married

People often feel tempted into an affair when they feel that their relationship is no longer new or exciting. To combat this, make sure that you and your partner still ‘date’ each other even after you’ve gotten married. This means going out on date nights, surprising each other with gifts and flowers and impromptu bedroom sessions, and generally making your relationship feel fresh and exciting.

Establish boundaries with friends of the opposite sex

It’s fine to have friends of the opposite sex, but both you and your spouse need to establish clear boundaries in order to reduce the temptation of friendships turning into affairs - emotional, physical or otherwise. Common boundaries include not sharing relationship details with friends of the opposite sex, making sure that your spouse is introduced to your friend, not going out on anything that may seem like a “date” with that person, and so on.

Keep your sex life regular

Dead bedrooms are one of the most common reasons that people decide to have affairs. If your partner isn’t feeling fulfilled in your sex life, they are more likely to seek out that fulfillment elsewhere. To reduce the chances of infidelity in your marriage, you need to make sure that you have a regular sex life that leaves both you and your spouse satisfied.

Show your spouse you appreciate them

It can be easy to fall into the trap of taking your spouse’s presence in your life for granted. But it’s this type of casual “taking for granted” attitude that can lead a spouse to consider an affair. One way you can help affair-proof your marriage is by making sure you show your spouse you appreciate them. This can be done with physical gestures, words, and actions. Cuddling and hugging without expectation of sex, giving your spouse random gifts, and simply verbally expressing that you appreciate what they do for you are all good ways to achieve this.

Communicate about your wants and needs

Spouses sometimes feel tempted into affairs when they feel unsatisfied with their relationship and they decide to seek out happiness elsewhere, rather than take the time to work on their relationship instead. If you encourage open communication about your wants and needs - and encourage your spouse to do the same - you can work on your problems, work on making sure that the relationship is meeting both your needs, and affair-proof your marriage as a result.

If you want to affair-proof your marriage, make sure you consider the above guidelines that will help drastically reduce the chances that your spouse will feel tempted into an affair.

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