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If you and your spouse are newly married and you are still exploring your sex life in its earliest stages, then you may feel intimidated by some of the more advanced sexual positions that people talk about. If you are still beginners, there are some positions which are considered better than others. The following are 5 of the best sex positions for beginners that are perfect for you and your newly married spouse.


Missionary is the classic, standard sex position for a reason: it’s easy to do, even for people who are beginners in relation to sex. Missionary involves one spouse lying on top of the other spouse during sex. Missionary is usually the first sex position that most people try, so feel free to try out other beginner positions once you get the hang of this one.

"On Shoulders" Missionary

This is a twist on missionary that allows beginners to get greater control over their bodies during sex. For this position, assume the standard missionary positioning; then, the receiving partner should lift their legs so that they can be placed on the shoulders of the other spouse. This position is ideal for beginners as it isn’t difficult to hold for a long time and allows excellent control for both parties.

"Doggy Style" Rear Entry

The name isn’t the most elegant, but "doggy style" is the most common type of rear entry position enjoyed by couples. To do this position, the receiving spouse kneels on the bed with their legs spread apart and their elbows up so that they can prop them up on the bed; then the penetrating partner enters from behind. This is an excellent position for beginners because it can be done comfortably on the bed and doesn’t require any excessive flexibility or stamina. Pillows can also be used to help add support and comfort.

"69" Missionary

This refers to a special type of missionary where each partner faces the other way during sex, so that they can focus their attention on their partner’s private parts. This is a good position for beginners as it allows you and your married spouse to enjoy your most intimate of attentions; it can also be great for building intimacy, romance and bonding in a relationship. As with regular missionary, it is typically done on a bed, so you can add pillows, comforters, and anything else you need to feel comfortable.

Face to Face Missionary

Face to Face Missionary - which is similar to Side Missionary - involves first assuming the Side Missionary position by lying on your sides, facing each other. Then, lift your legs so that they are intertwined and you can bring your bodies closer together. This is an excellent position for beginners or newlyweds as it encourages romance, intimacy and bonding. It is perfect for sharing kisses - and of course, for beginner sex.

If you are a newly married couple who wants to know the best positions for beginners, take a look at the above positions to get you started.

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