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Are you looking to spice up your marriage bedroom? If so, you are not alone: when married couples find that their sex life is getting a bit too routine - in other words, stale and boring! - they can look for ways to truly shake things up in the bedroom. Spicing it up will keep your sex life fresh and interesting, so make sure you take a look at the 4 best sex positions to spice things up in your bedroom.

The Crab Position

This is a unique take on a traditional cowgirl position that makes things more exciting for both you and your spouse. To do this position, she needs to lean back on her arms to support her weight, rather than letting her knees do the support. This is a type of reverse position that will require you to go slow during sex, as it can be a bit tricky to hold the position comfortably for both parties involved. This is an ideal position if you are slightly more flexible and it’s ideal for spicing up the bedroom through a unique position that encourages slow, steady movements.

The "Victory" Pose Position

The "Victory" pose gets its name from the dramatic V shape that the receiving spouse will make when this position is in full effect. Do to this position, the receiving spouse needs to lie down on their back; then, their spouse can take hold of their legs and move them into an upward V-shaped position. The penetrating spouse can then enter while in a kneeling position. This position allows for exceptionally deep penetration and stimulation, which is perfect for spicing up the bedroom.

The Face sitting Position

You can probably figure out the gist of this oral position through the name, so we’ll spare you the finer details. To achieve this spicy position, one spouse will kneel above their partner right above their face - and you can guess the rest. It’s important to either kneel or squat so that your weight isn’t bearing down on your partner; most people find that kneeling is more comfortable and easier to hold for longer periods of time than squatting, though this will depend on your physical stamina. This position is great for spouses who want to get more intimacy while shaking up their sex life in order to keep it more varied and interesting.

Handcuff Position

This position requires no actual handcuffs! But it does require a slightly high surface such as a bed or table that the receiving spouse can lay their stomach flat on. To achieve this position, the receiving spouse needs to lay their stomach on a flat surface such as a table or bed; then, they need to place their hands behind their back. The other spouse can then hold onto their wrists, in other words holding them like handcuffs, while engaging in a rear entry position. This is a super spicy position that can really shake things up in the bedroom.

If your married sex life is feeling stale or boring, consider the above positions to spice it up.

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