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Sometimes you want to have sex but you don’t exactly feel up to a romp that is akin to a hardy workout or a full-length marathon. When you’re feeling tired from work or simply just too lazy to do much, then you’ll definitely want to consider the following 4 sex positions that are perfect for when you and your spouse are feeling tired or just plain lazy.

Spooning Position

The spooning position is about as simple as it sounds: you and your spouse get into a regular spooning position (the kind you might ordinarily make when going to bed or snuggling to half-heartedly watch something late night on Netflix) and instead of snoring away, you get intimate instead. This position is perfect for when you’re feeling tired or lazy because you can lie comfortably on your side and don’t have to do much in the way of physical exertion.

Missionary Position

Let’s be honest - missionary is the easiest sex position because at its core, it’s one person lying on top of another person. Missionary can be a vigorous exercise that gets your heart racing - but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re feeling tired or lazy, simply get into missionary position and take it slow and steady this time around. The receiving partner can make it feel even lazier by stretching their arms out above them, which will relax their shoulder muscles and lessen the amount of physical exertion required on their end.

"Lazy" Dog

Doggy style is typically well known for being a more intense position, but this twist on doggy style is more "lazy dog" than anything else. The variation chosen for this position will depend on who is feeling lazy or tired: the husband, the wife, or both. If the wife is tired, then simply get into the standard position and prop up some pillows so you don’t have to hold up your elbows and knees the entire time. If the husband is tired or both spouses are tired, then it’s time for the true "lazy dog" position: both partners get into regular doggy position, then slide forward until they are almost lying down.

Get Into the Tub

If you’re feeling tired due to being stressed (physically or otherwise) from work, then a warm bathtub can be a great place to get some relief for your sore muscles - and some relief for your sexual tension without having to go to any great physical effort. To do this position, simply run a warm bath; the receiving partner should get in first and lean against the back of the tub, while the other partner steps in and climbs forward until they are close enough to be intimate. Like missionary, this can be taken slow and steady, so you can enjoy the nice warm water at the same time.

If one or both of you are feeling too tired or lazy for anything too wild in bed, consider the above positions that are perfect for when you’re in a lazy mood.

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