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Having a family can take a toll on a couple. You both have to ensure that your kids are taken care of, house chores are done, and work is prioritized. After tying the knot, most couples are blessed with a few extra people to love. This pushes them away from their sole role as a wife or a husband towards their new parenting roles.

Dividing our energy this way often drains any sense of life and fun in a marriage. The truth is the fun that you both experienced as newlyweds can still be experienced now. You can still laugh away the afternoons, and be spontaneous and adventurous.

Yet, it can not be experienced through constant neglect and complacency. We need to make marriage and our significant other a priority. Let us take a look at a few ways married couples can bring laughter and fun back to their marriage.

Put in Some Effort

The same effort you put in while courting should be the same as the effort you put in now. Keep your self physically groomed and attractive for your spouse. Never stop flirting with him or her, or even complimenting each other.

Every time you notice your spouse looks great, let him or her know. Moreover, never miss a chance to display your affection for each other. Steal a kiss or a hug from each other, and try to maintain eye contact often. Those small acts can bring you closer together.

Relive Old Memories

Try and relive old memories of when you were dating. Like go out to the place you both had your first date, or the park where you first met. Even visiting a theme park you both enjoyed going to. But also don't be afraid to try something new.

In a nutshell, try out the things you loved doing earlier on in your marriage or when you were single. This can help you reminisce on how you fell in love, and how far you’ve come.

Play Indoor or Outdoor Games

Do not be afraid to let your childish and silly side show. Play indoor games like scrabble, cards or video games with your spouse. Or better yet, go out to play pool or go bowling.  Have a gift for the winner at the end, to make it even more interesting.  Enjoy the outdoors together.  Or even watch a funny or romantic movie together.

Such games and activities not only relax you but also reveal your inner child. They can bring back the laughter from watching how your partner reacts after losing, as well as the fun. All in all, they are great bonding experiences.

Be Best Friends

Remember how your relationship started? As friends, which eventually grew into more. The basic foundation of a marriage is love and friendship. You always tell your best friend everything about your life. Moreover, you aren’t afraid of being silly with them.

Consider your husband or wife as your best friend. Do not put up appearances. Instead, be you in every facet of life. Put down your guard and encourage them to do the same. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable in front of your spouse. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that your spouse will appreciate and love you more.

Cook and Bake Together

This isn’t only a fun experience, it also allows you both to bond on a personal level. This can be especially fun if your spouse is not exactly savvy when it comes to cooking. You can get to teach him or her new things, and laugh over each other’s mistakes.

Share your Experiences

After a long day, try having some alone time with your spouse. Use this time to share funny things you experienced at work or with your friends. You should also encourage him or her to do the same.

If your spouse is receptive, listen intently, ask questions and don’t be afraid to laugh when they make a joke too. But remember there's a time for fun as well as a time for being more serious.  Take advantage of situations where you can talk about your hopes and dreams of the future as a couple.

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