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Your Wife's Needs and Wants

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As a husband, it’s important for you to know what your wife needs and wants if you want to have a long, successful and happy marriage. The following is an essential guide to your wife’s needs and wants that will help you better understand what she needs out of your marriage.

Regular quality time with you

Your wife wants to spend regular quality time with you! Quality time is time where you and your wife are enjoying moments together without being distracted by work or outside interests, such as a football game or your phone. If you have kids, you need to have quality time both with and without the kids.  Remember that quality time doesn’t just mean being in the same room together, it means setting aside some time to talk, cuddle and otherwise share moments where you are experiencing life without needless distractions. Quality time doesn’t have to involve expensive dates or outings, either; even something as simple as regularly ...

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