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Are you going on a regular date night with your spouse? A regular date night is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy relationship. Date nights keep your relationship fresh while keeping your romance alive. You and your spouse should be having regular date nights, no matter how long you’ve been married. Ideally, try to have at least one date night a week - remember, it doesn’t have to be a fancy evening out to be a "date"! The following are some great ideas for date nights for couples that you and your spouse should consider.

Movie night at home

If you don’t feel up for going out to the movies, create a movie night at home. Pop some fresh popcorn with movie theater butter, stock up on movie theater concession snacks like bags of candy, and create a dark environment in front of the TV for that real movie theater experience. Unlike the movies, however, you can freely snuggle up to your spouse with a warm blanket - and no ushers will escort you out if you decide to talk during the movie!

Cooking a romantic dinner for two

Cooking doesn’t sound like a date on its own, but when you’re cooking a fancy romantic dinner for two, then your time in the kitchen is a great way to spend the evening. Find a recipe that is fancy - but not too difficult - and put on some fun music so you and your spouse can cook and dance the night away.

Reservation at a fancy restaurant

Restaurants make for perfect dates, and for a married couple there is nothing better than getting dressed to the nines because of a dinner reservation! Make sure to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant, you know the type - where you need to book well in advance and the prices are probably not on the menu.

Recreating your first date night

If you want to do something truly romantic, don’t just go out on any old date: go out on your first date! A re-creation of your first date can bring back great memories and help solidify your relationship. It can also be just plain romantic, which is always a bonus when you’re a married couple looking for a great night out. Don’t forget to take photos!

Evening walk in the park

Date nights don’t have to be expensive or involve spending any money at all! One romantic idea for a date night is taking an evening walk in the park. Not only will you get to walk arm-in-arm with your spouse, you’ll get to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, the cool evening air, and maybe even a sunset!

Arcade night (or karaoke!)

Your date night doesn’t need to be limited to restaurants or romance: why not head out to a local arcade, karaoke bar or similar fun activity so you two can spend your night laughing, playing and enjoying time with each other?

Remember: regular date nights are important! The above date nights are some great ideas for what you and your spouse can do together.

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