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Keeping Marriage Fun

It’s often not long after tying the knot that couples have to put their parenting shoes on. Couples often tend put the kids first and place the marriage relationship on the back burner. When in reality, this shouldn't be so.

Neglecting the marriage will affect your relationship with your spouse negatively. As serious as raising kids is, so is ensuring that your marriage remains strong and healthy. Research states that spouses who focus on and love each other experience a much happier home.

A happy home for your kids to grow up is what they truly need. Moreover, seeing the love that the two of you share gives them a sense of security and safety of a stable home. However, the question still remains, how can you reignite the spark that made marriage fun? Well, let’s take a look at some of a few tips that will help maintain the fun in your marriage.

Plan a Private Getaway

Plan to get away together for a certain period of time. Getting away together to some new place can be really effective. It gives the both of you time to enjoy your spouse’s company and spend some intimate time together.

Being away from home pushes you away from your comfort zone. Hence, this should pull you closer together as you enjoy a new experience. It will also give you a chance to have some alone time, without the regular distractions. Take this chance to talk about life, marriage and how far you’ve come.

It is important that you both stay away from your devices. This should lessen any chances of distraction. Moreover, it will allow you to fully focus on each other.

Get Involved in His/ Her Interests

When you first started courting, you were interested in learning more about your now partner. You wanted to know his or her hobbies and interests. And you probably engaged in your partner’s interests just so you could spend time together.

That shouldn’t end now that your married! Stay involved and keep learning about what your spouse loves doing in his or her spare time. This will show your spouse that you truly value them. Also, it will show your willingness to sacrifice and compromise for them.

Put Your Spouse First

As previously mentioned, so many couples make the mistake of putting the kids first. This, in turn, leaves the spouse neglected. This shouldn’t be so.

Prioritize your spouse before your friendships, kids and work. Your spouse is the person that chose to walk with you through life. He or she chose to go through the struggles and joys of life with you. 

Additionally, prioritizing your spouse shows that you love and value them. This can only lead to a stronger and much more satisfying marriage.

Try Something New and Spontaneous

After a while, marriage can become routine. Admittedly, routines can suck the fun out of life and marriage. Try something out of the ordinary as a couple.

It can be something like eating out a restaurant with cuisine you’ve never eaten before. Or even watching a movie of a genre you normally do not watch. Even just learning a new dance like Salsa together.

As long as it’s something new. Trying new things can often be scary, plus it tends to reveal how vulnerable we are. However, vulnerability can be attractive.

Do not Be Complacent

That means, that we shouldn't get too comfortable around each other. In other words, we shouldn't let ourselves go by neglecting our physical appearance. We should still take care of ourselves by exercising, eating healthy and always looking good for your spouse.

This can be hard with parenting, especially if your kids are babies or toddlers. However, as soon as you put them to bed, ladies - take a long bath and change into something more attractive for your husband.

Additionally, never stop flirting with him or her. Compliment each other, and show each other random acts of love and affection.

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