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Keeping the fire alive is so important when it comes to marriage. Romance is something people often overlook after they get married. Couples have a tendency to think that romance dies off after they get married or that there's no need to make an effort now that they're stuck with you. Where would people get such a stupid idea? Your marriage is your most important relationship and it needs daily care, maintenance and attention!  Being married and living a life without romance should never go hand in hand. Those married couples who get the most out of marriage know that passion is vital to the health of the relationship. Every day of your life, there needs to be a little spark of romance, but sometimes, there needs to be a raging fire between the two of you. Hopefully, you'll be able to take a few of these romantic date night ideas and put them to good use when the moment arises.

Cook dinner for two

Cooking dinner at home is one of those romantic date night ideas that never go out of style. You can cook a meal at home for a fraction of what it costs at a restaurant. You can even eat a thick juicy steak for pretty cheap compared to what you would pay for it when going out to eat. The food that you eat doesn't really matter in the sense that it doesn't have to be gourmet.  Don't forget to prepare or include a side, a drink and a dessert for the perfect meal for two.

Have a candlelight picnic in your backyard

Do you have a backyard that is separated from everyone else? Maybe there's a fence that separates your backyard from everyone else. If so, then take advantage of the quiet place and have yourself a little candlelight picnic. Wait for the sun to go down and fire up a candle or two and allow the mood to come over you. If it's too late to eat supper, then just have a snack. Watch the flames flicker in the wind and feed each other snacks. Get close and watch as the fire dances on the end of the candle. After one candlelight picnic, you'll understand that it's possible to have a romantic date in your own back yard.

Find a secluded area for the perfect makeout session

When was the last time you had a makeout session? Married people often forget the value of kissing. The feeling of someone's lips touching yours is one of the greater feelings in life. It's impossible not to feel romantic when the two of you are so close while kissing. Do you know a little place where no one will bother you for a while? If so, then that's where you need to go to lock lips. Allow yourself to run wild and kiss each other like you used to do before getting married.  But don't be surprised if your outing ends early...

Feed each other finger foods while at the beach

One of the best cheap romantic date ideas is to go to the beach. If you live anywhere near the beach, then you've got 101 romantic dates waiting for you. If you're near a pond or a lake, then you can have a romantic evening there too. However, let's be honest, a lake isn't anywhere near as romantic as the beach. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves crashing, and the open sky make for an experience that nothing else can come close to touching.

Finger foods and snacks are great things to feed each other at the beach. If you're going to a busy beach during the height of summer, then you might not feel up to eating a heavy meal. You also might want to go for a quick dip in the water, and overeating before or after swimming is never a good idea.

Give each other massages in a dimly lit room

Be careful when giving each other a massage because it can lead to so much more than a simple back rub. The beginning of the massage is romantic because of the setting that you're giving it in. The lights are turned down low, and hopefully, you have some soft music playing in the background. You feel your hands going all over your spouse's body. If you haven't touched them like this in a long time, just the feeling of their body will send shivers of excitement throughout your entire body and theirs. Giving each other a massage doesn't cost a thing, and it's one of the most romantic things you'll ever experience. You're married, make it a memorable massage.

Play a fun game that doesn't require too much thought or skill

Board games and even card games make for a fun and romantic date night. Chess isn't a game to play if you want the romance to get out of control. You also don't want to play any game that you have to take too serious. Video games can work, but often they require far too much focus to allow for any romance to be introduced. Simple games where people can play back and forth are what you want to do. A deck of cards costs next to nothing, and there are a million different games you can play.

Stay the night at a nice hotel

If you have kids, then you know how difficult it is to have any alone time at all. Do you have someone who will watch your kids for you? If so, why not rent a hotel room for a night and have yourself a good time? What is something that you've wanted to do for such a long time? Maybe you would like to go out to dinner and a movie to start things off. After that, you go back to the hotel room and spend some alone time together.  Just get a dumpy motel or spring for something nice, either way it will be an experience that you will remember.

Recreate your first date

A couple's first few dates always hold a special place in their hearts. How often do you reminisce about your first date? Why not recreate it? Do everything you did on your first date. If you've been married for a long time, it will be neat to see what has changed. Hopefully the places you went to are still around. Perhaps the restaurant or movie theater you went to might still exist, but if you've been married long, things have probably changed quite a bit. Who knows, you might get lucky and the menu hasn't changed one bit. How awesome would it be if you could eat the same foods and all that stuff as you did on your first date?

Romance is the product of a love that never dies

The romantic spirit always lives right below the surface. Some couples believe that since they're not caught up in each other like a fairytale that the romance has died. The spark hasn't fizzled out in your relationship, it has only slowed down to a slow burn. Simply add a little fuel to the fire with these romantic and sexy date ideas and sure enough the sparks will ignite your raging fire. A mistake that people often make is that they think that "the romance is dead" because they don't feel the same. Well, you shouldn't feel the same - life is different now.  Keep your love and relationship fun and fulfilling by going out of your way to keep the romance in your marriage alive an well.

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