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Just because the two of you walked down the aisle and exchanged rings doesn’t mean that dates are done. Now the two of you have established some expectations and have a partner with whom you can set out on real journeys together. We’re going to go over some of the ways to make dating as a married couple even more exciting than when you were first going out.

Stay Presentable

The first thing that you have to keep in mind while dating and married is that you still have to stay presentable. She saw you in a suit once, but that doesn’t have to be the only time she does. Take her out on a date where the two of you will dress up and look your best. Not only will it make the two of you feel more connected, it will replace that image in your spouse’s head of you sprawled on the couch with crumbs on your shirt.

Mind Your Manners

The second thing to keep in mind while you are dating your spouse is to mind your manners. You should always be polite to servers, keep good table manners, and maintain yourself like you were trying to impress your date the first time. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that they have already gotten their spouse, now they can act and look how they want. Don’t be one of those people if you want your dates to be pleasant.

Still, Have Some Fun

You have to remember that you and your spouse are also some of each other’s best friends. That means that the fun doesn’t have to stop at the altar. Your dates don’t have to be dinner and a show. Go out and have some fun at the arcades or sports events. Take each other to a new and fun place like paintball shooting. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your date that don’t include spending all of your time in a restaurant or watching TV.

Go to Places Your Spouse Likes

The final thing that you have to keep in mind with going out on dates with your spouse is that you should go to places that they choose. Even if you are not the biggest sushi fan in the world, you can still find something else to eat that you will like. Try new things, don’t grouse and complain, and you might even find something new that you like, too. Your spouse will gladly return the favor in the future.

It’s clear that dating as a married couple might take a little more planning to schedule, but is altogether more enjoyable. By following these rules, you’ll have a great time with your best friend. Make sure you stay presentable, go out and maintain some decorum, don’t be afraid to have some fun, and consider the places that the other person wants to go. As long as you take these ideas into consideration, you are bound to have a great time.

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