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If you’ve ever attempted a sex position with your spouse that didn’t quite work out - maybe it was too uncomfortable, maybe you weren’t flexible enough, one or both of you weren't feeling it, or maybe you just couldn’t keep up with it - then you’re not alone. Some sex positions are simply more difficult than others. If you and your spouse are looking for sex positions that don’t require training and certification to complete, take a look at the following 5 best easy sex positions that almost everyone can do.


Missionary is considered the "standard" sex position for a reason: it’s easy for everyone to do. Missionary, as you already know, involves one partner lying on top of the other. To make it even easier than standard missionary, you and your spouse can spread your legs a bit wider which will give you a more comfortable position.

Pillow Support

For this position, she will lay face down with a pillow underneath their pelvis; they should have their knees bent, while their pelvis is slightly upward thanks to the pillow. This position is easy and comfortable for both partners and allows for an excellent amount of control in terms of physical activity involved in sex.

Side Missionary

Side missionary is a slight twist on missionary. For this position, both spouses should lay on their sides, facing each other. This will allow for easy, comfortable access without requiring anything serious on the physical side. You can also play around with this position by facing away from your spouse, which will allow them to use your leg as leverage during sex.

Spooning Position

This position is easy to do, comfortable and encourages a lot of intimacy during sex. For this position, you and your spouse simply need to get into a "spooning" position - and have sex from there. This position is definitely one of the more relaxed sexual positions, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for an easier position to try with their spouse. This is a great position to try when you and your spouse are looking for an easy position that promotes lots of cuddly-style romance.

"Cowgirl" (Woman on Top)

The woman on top position - known in slang as "Cowgirl" - is generally easy for both spouses. To do this position, the wife sits on top of her partner - with their legs spread so that their weight is not fully distributed onto their partner’s body; this allows the wife to guide the penetration and move at her own pace. For this position, women are typically in "control" of the physical activity, but depending on how easy the husband finds it to move in this position; it can definitely be a mutual physical activity.

Remember, it’s perfectly fine to stick with easy sex positions - especially if you are feeling physically tired, intimidated by complex positions, or you simply are unable to achieve some of the wilder sex positions out there. The above positions are great for any married couples look for an easy - and enjoyable - time.

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