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Living debt free may seem like more of an impossible task than it actually is. In fact, if you are looking for ways to live without having to pay back your debt, then the best start is to never take debt on. For decades, people have been assuming huge amounts of debt in order to pay for homes, tuition, cars and other fancy items. However, a recent trend has been for people to pay for their purchases up-front - making you the sole owner and helping you embrace a debt free life. Here are some tips to help you live debt free.

Be Patient

One of the best ways to be debt free is to be patient. As long as you wait to purchase something until you have enough money saved up, you will never go into debt. While you may never be able to save enough money to buy large items, such as a house, it is possible to buy things such as a car and still remain debt free. Being patient as your savings account slowly builds is the most realistic way to a debt free lifestyle.

Save a Little, Save a Lot

You do not have to save a lot of your money at once in order to build a savings account, but it is important that you set aside a portion of all of your earnings into a savings account so that you can watch your savings account grow. You may also want to invest your money into a CD as you save it. When you invest in a CD, you will earn a percentage of your total investment back over the course of the CD term. The more you are able to save, the greater your ability to pursue a debt free lifestyle.

Make Sensible Purchases

Of course, if you want to live a debt free lifestyle, then make sure that you make sensible purchases. For example, if you have a lower income, then you may not want to purchase a BMW. Instead, purchase items that do not require you to go into debt in order to afford them. In fact, did you know that the majority of people who make more than $250,000 per year drive Hondas, Toyotas, and Fords. Smart money management and making sensible purchases are important steps on the road to financial independence and even wealth. 

Living debt free is a sensible and smart way to approach your living costs. When you are able to set aside money so that you can pay cash for your purchases, you are able to live a lifestyle that keeps you free from debt, which gives you more liberty to spend your money how you want to (rather than simply paying back someone who lent you money). Debt free is a whole lot easier if you are patient and diligent about your savings.

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