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Why Family Card Games?

Family Card Games are a great way for a family to bond. Instead of watching television, all the members of a family can come together with a 52-card deck and play. While the game is on, virtues can be instilled in children, since every Family card game has rules that have to be followed. If you break the rule on purpose, that is cheating. Unlike gambling games, playing cards with family is not addictive. It is just a way to share time together and have a few good laughs. Some card games also require a lot of concentration and wit.

Kinds of Family Card Games

There are all kinds of family card games. Traditional family card games include Bridge, Canasta, Cribbage, Euchre, Hearts, Pinochle, Pitch, Rummy, Solitaire, Spades, and Whist. The trick-taking games are those games with a common play structure. Bridge, Whist and Euchre are examples. The Rummy style games, including Rummy, Canasta and Go Fish, are very popular. Then there are the family card games based on fiction, fantasy and the latest cartoon shows or movies.

History of Family Card Games

When a family card game is played repeatedly and gradually gains popularity, house rules are laid out. It makes the game more accessible if rules are laid out. Within families there is nothing wrong with the idea of adding a new rule or deleting an old one. The general idea behind rules is to add a spirit of authenticity in the game. It was Edward Hoyle, a barrister in England, who laid the foundation for family card game rules. Following his treatises on card game rules, clubs like the Portland Club made family card game rules a staple.

How is a Family Card Game Played?

A family card game is played with a standard 52 card deck. Dealing can be done in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. One of the players is chosen to deal the deck. After the dealer stacks and shuffles the cards, another player (to his right or left depending on clockwise or anticlockwise dealing) cuts the deck. Then the dealer distributes the cards face down. Everyone should make sure that their cards cannot be seen by anyone else and should be aware of the basic family card game rules. Now the family card game is ready to be played.

Penalties in a Family Card Games

When a family card game is played repeatedly, some players may become very good and others could resort to cheating just to get through the game. Every game sets a precedent, which helps to standardize the game. If you play when it is not your turn yet or show your card then you could be disqualified. Like any other sport, family card games also need their rules so that they can be played at higher levels like tournaments. Formalizing the rules makes the family card game all the more challenging and loads of fun.

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