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If you’re a newlywed couple, then you’ve probably already been on your honeymoon - and enjoyed all of those intimate evenings, nights and mornings that go along with enjoying some private time with your new spouse. But just because the honeymoon is over doesn’t mean the sex has to stop! And if you're new to sex then the fun's just getting started.  Now that you’re a newlywed couple, you’re likely wondering what sort of sex positions are best for you and your new spouse. The following guide will discuss what types of sex positions are best for new couples and go into the 4 best sex positions for newlyweds.

Are certain positions really better for newlyweds than others?

If you have ever wondered: are certain positions really better for newlyweds than others? Then you’re in luck. The answer to that question is a resounding yes! The reason why certain positions are recommended for newlyweds over others is that some positions are better for intimacy and closeness, which are so essential in the honeymoon and newlywed stages of married life. This doesn’t mean that these are the only positions you can try as newlyweds, of course; but these positions are the best for encouraging intimacy and closeness on a softer level.

Standing missionary

Standing missionary is similar to standard missionary, with a unique twist - though you can likely guess what that twist is based on the time. Standing missionary involves getting into a missionary position and then standing up. This position does require the use of muscles and takes some stamina or strength, but the closeness is definitely exciting for newlyweds - and you’ll be giving your muscles a great workout!

Other partner on top

If one spouse is typically on top and one spouse is typically on bottom during sex, then it’s time to switch things up. Having the other partner on top is a great way to encourage intimacy and trust, since the other partner being on bottom will be embracing vulnerability as well as indicating their trust with the other spouse.

Holding position

Some couples prefer to call this the “running hug” position since it closely resembles what might happen if your spouse ran into your arms for a hug and stayed there. This position is somewhere in between a standing and laying position, and is best done in bed. For the holding position, the spouse doing the holding will have the other spouse’s legs wrapped around their waist to ensure a better grip during the actual sex.

Standard missionary

And it may not be the most exciting or unusual, but standard missionary is definitely recommended for newlyweds - it’s the simplest form of sex, encourages intimacy, closeness, and it can be spiced up with all sorts of little tips and tricks depending on the needs and wants of you and your spouse.


Sex positions are a great way to develop and encourage closeness in newlyweds. If you are a newlywed couple, consider the above sex positions as the best ones to try so that you and your new spouse can begin embracing the trust and love between you.

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