How Occasional Group and Double Dates Can Improve Your ...

How Occasional Group and Double Dates Can Improve Your Marriage

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When was the last time you and your spouse went out on a group date? If you’re like most people, then the answer is likely in the ballpark of “uhh, when we were still dating?” It’s true that many people give up on group dating and double dating once they get married, since those types of dates are usually associated with unmarried couples. But did you know that having an occasional group date or double date can actually benefit your marriage? Let’s take a closer look at the most significant ways that going on these types of dates now and then can benefit your marriage.

They help you experience your marriage through someone else’s eyes

If you go out on a group date or double date, you’ll be able to get a fresh perspective on your marriage through someone else’s eyes. This can give you some insight into your own relationship, which will help your marriage stay stronger and healthier in the long run. It can also be plain fun to see what other people think about your relationship, especially if you happen to go out on a double date or group date with someone who hasn’t been married for as long as you and your spouse.

They allow you to embrace other marriage dynamics

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your marriage dynamic is the be-all-end-all, but everyone has something different that works for them! Going out on double dates or group dates with other married couples can be an interesting way to see other marriage dynamics and embrace what works for other people, even if you think it might not be up your alley.

They help keep the romance spark alive

Keeping the spark in your marriage alive is absolutely essential! One of the best ways to keep your spark alive is to try new things - and double dates or group dates definitely fall under that category once you’re a married couple. Making the time to go out on a date with other couples is an excellent way to shake things up and keep that all-important spark in your marriage bright and glowing.

Tips for Going Out on Group or Double Dates as a Married Couple

If you’re ready to start going out on group or double dates as a married couple, then you’ll need to consider a few things. First, you should probably start off by going out with other married couples - this will ensure that the couples have a similar connection and understanding in regards to married life. Once you get into the swing of group dates and double dates, you can start considering going out with couples who aren’t married. Who knows, the newness of an unmarried couple may lead to some super fun date ideas that you haven’t tried yet!

If you’re ready to experience something new for your relationship, consider going out on group dates and double dates today.

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